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New Energy: Electrical Independence

Remember the struggle between George Westinghouse and Thomas Edison at the beginning of the 20th century in America? The struggle between having a lot of a lot just a little? The struggle between AC and DC current?

The need for just a few being able to produce a lot for so many people is forcing the power grid to become more compacted, more yang, and consequently more politically red hot and explosive. We are trying to get more out of nothing.

9/11 - is it possible again? Could it happen on a much later and devastating scale? Maybe, maybe not.

We propose that possible there is no longer time to think about it, to procrastinate, or to be pointing fingers. Now's the time for change.

The development of a whole lot of little "pocket-size" nuclear power plants is not the answer. What do we do with the nuclear waste? How do we regulate it? The inevitable waste will accumulate. Then what? Let's get everyone into the act and not just a few.

Perhaps there could be a mandate stating that every southernly facing roof must have a solar electric system, perhaps with some type of tax credit.

The time has come for Washington to get behind this type of idea and not be swayed by big money, big talk, big ideas and big, dirty energy. It's time for the common folk to step up to the plate.

Washington is presently on the right track. Maybe it just needs to be tweaked a little. It just needs to be kept on the straight and narrow to a cleaner, more secure future.