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Woodland Energy has arrived in a big way! Rollable and Moveable electric at your fingertips! We will light up your world! Living simply and close to the land, deriving energy from the source, it seeks to spread access to the essential powers of the planet such as the sun and the deepest parts of the universe.

Our flagship product the HUBERT®, acronym for Home Utilities and Boating Electrical Rechargeable Transporter, can provide you with simultaneous production of alternating current i.e. electricity from your wall and direct current i.e. electricity from a battery or HUBERT®. HUBERT® is the the only true Microgrid. Just roll it around! Now! Before they all go rolling out the door!

Woodland Energy is the leader in energy saving technology.

HUBERT® gets it's electrical current by extracting energy from the sun and storing in specialized sealed batteries for use any time you need it, for whatever you need it for. We personally inspect and test all of our solar generators before they are "out the door".

Whether you need power at a job site, in the woods, or daily use in the office, in the city, or just for backup power, around the home, we have a unit to fit your electrical needs.

HUBERTS are great for cookouts. Take your HUBERT with you to your next picnic for a fun time with music and lights!. No more pulling extension cords all over the place.

The very best method of distributing electrical energy there is Bar None! Anywhere! Let HUBERT® light up your world! And do it now!

Our Mission

To make electricity available anywhere that there is a need for it. Whether you need to recharge power tool batteries at a remote job site or maintain battery back up power for small appliances in your home during a power outage, we have a solution for you. If you live in an area where traditional fossil fueled generators are impractical or unsafe power can be just outside your sunny window or on a deck.

Woodland Energy has donated four of its HUBERT® - Solar Powered Generators, to the American Red Cross for use at disaster relief sites. One recently deployed to the American Red Cross in response to the relief efforts in Haiti.


Incorporated in 1985 with the development of the first Hubert and tested through many years of living "Off of the Grid", this patented idea is the brainstorm of Woodward Johnson. Woody has been experimenting with alternative power sources for 40 years. Woody is still involved with developing new forms of energy generation.


One of the beauties of a Hubert® is you can leave it running and recharge a standby battery and not be burning up wasted fuel. Hubert® is on our side!


Do something great for our home while doing something even greater for our planet. Go movable solar!
Like a walk in the park
Just going for a ride!
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Stars and Stripes forever!
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It's battery power!
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The Redwoods of CA
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The Redwoods of CA
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The Redwoods of CA
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The Redwoods of CA
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The Redwoods of CA

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