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Do something great for our home while doing something even greater for our planet. Go movable solar! Way to go! Just roll your rechargable electricity from room to room and place it in the sun to recharge again and again. What could be easier.

Woodland Technologies
Hubert's Available Electricity equals incoming and outgoing power.

When it comes to housework and vacuuming, don't move the power cord twenty times and watch it get wound up with every piece of furniture in the house. No! Move the electricity! This is the answer!

Rollable Solar! Get Ready! Woodland Energy® is attempting the world's first phone call with moveable rollable "direct use" solar power. Roll On! POPCORN ANYONE!

Woodland Technologies

Attention! Attention!: To all HUBERT® owners, an all points bulletin!

Immediately face your HUBERT® solar electric generator to the south (to the north in the southern hemisphere). Let's make some changes! Let's start a worldwide movement. Let's all together face our HUBERTs® the same way and spread our HUBERTs® healing energy in the same direction! Together perhaps we can begin to create "One Peaceful Clean Earth". Thank you!

"Let's practice the art of placement, or Feng Shui, or harmony, or balance, or complementary antagonism, or geomancy, or any one of many other names." It's a fascinating concept. Check it out! Anyways we should spread HUBERTs® energy in the same direction. Together perhaps we can begin to create "One Peaceful Clean Earth".

About Us:

First some historical perspective regarding Woodland Energy®.

The following was written by Leonard Tingley, Federal Products Corp., Providence RI, Grandfather of Woodward Johnson, Founder of Woodland Energy®.

Ode to Precision
Oh, an Indicator is a vindicator
Of truth and common knowledge.
For it teaches more, and faster too,
Than an Engineering College.
How long is this? How short is that?
To what degree is this piece flat?
How thick is the paper in the pile?
Look for your answer on the dial.
For we've put jewels within the case,
And stamped our name across the face,
So you'll remember through the years,
That Federal always hobs their gears.
Our top and bottom place construction
Always has defied destruction,
And we speak of low friction,
As the utmost in perfection.
For, and Indicator is a vindicator
Of truth and common knowledge.
For it teaches more, and faster too,
Than an Engineering College.


An original dial indicator gauge from Federal Products Corp. circa 1945.

These instruments were used during the World War II to, amongst other things, measure the surface of ball bearings and spinning drive shafts. They were capable of measuring down to a millionth of an inch. This was a key factor in the manufacturing and efficiency of equipment made during the war. Today with the advent of computers it's done electronically and not mechanically. These instruments or "Micrometers" were also the beginning of the modern day compass and pocket watch. We recommend reading the fascinating book "Longitude" by Dava Sobel.

Woodland Energy® is a small company in Northern Massachusetts with big ideas. Living simply and close to the land, deriving energy from the source, it seeks to spread access to the essential powers of the planet such as the sun and the deepest parts of the universe.

Our flagship product the HUBERT®, acronym for Home Utilities and Boating Electrical Rechargeable Transporter, can provide you with simultaneous production of alternating current i.e. electricity from your wall and direct current i.e. electricity from a battery or HUBERT®.

Woodland Energy is the leader in energy saving technology. Check it out! Roll On. And underneath third picture on bottom. THE HELM Let's do it!

HUBERT® gets it's electrical current by extracting energy from the sun and storing in specialized sealed batteries for use any time you need it, for whatever you need it for. We personally inspect and test all of our solar generators before they are "out the door".

Whether you need power at a job site, in the woods, or daily use in the office, in the city, or just for backup power, around the home, we have a unit to fit your electrical needs.

Our Mission:

To make electricity available anywhere that there is a need for it. Whether you need to recharge power tool batteries at a remote job site or maintain battery back up power for small appliances in your home during a power outage, we have a solution for you. If you live in an area where traditional fossil fueled generators are impractical or unsafe power can be just outside your sunny window or on a deck.

Woodland Energy has donated four of its HUBERT® - Solar Powered Generators, to the American Red Cross for use at disaster relief sites. One recently deployed to the American Red Cross in response to the relief efforts in Haiti.


Incorporated in 1985 with the development of the first Hubert and tested through many years of living "Off of the Grid", this patented idea is the brainstorm of Woodward Johnson. Woody has been experimenting with alternative power sources for 40 years. Woody is still involved with developing new forms of energy generation.


Solar Power Now! The choice is ours as to where we get our electricity from for the future. For our children's children's children and a long time to come. The future is wide open!

All our Huberts® generate 12 volts DC and/or 110 volts AC electricity from an internal battery bank. All of our Huberts® are guaranteed to not smoke, have no exhaust and make very little noise, just a mild hum. Use them in your living room! Quietly! Recharge them with their attached adjustable solar panels or plug them into the wall.

Run Time: volts x amps = watts

Amps per hour: watts / volts

1. Please note - don't forget the solar panels! They will increase the run time.
2. Please note - small battery powered rechargeable devices work well especially if you remove the rechargeable battery from the tool and set it aside in it's own 12 volt battery charger. You can then continue to use Hubert® and let the battery recharge off of solar power with the main switch in the down position and the auxiliary switch in the up position. This will power up the 12 volt receptacle off solar power directly.

Devices that can operate with a 12 volt D.C. power cord work great, for instance laptops with car cords.

Option #1: Hubert® with solar panels folder out to capture the sun's energy. $5,000.00 Scroll down to the picture of the Erica Wheeler Concert. Yes folks that's right it's the same hubert®. It's getting around! Small World!

Option #2: Solar panels on the end of Hubertville office with mobile Hubert® inside. $5,500.00

Option #3: Solar arrays at garage with Hubert® and backup batteries inside. $8,000.00

"Woodland Energy's Solar Array"
A roof or array south of the equator would have to face north to collect the sun's energy. A roof or array north of the equator would have to face south to collect the sun's energy. Woodland Energy's array, like in this picture, is positioned correctly to recharge an electric vehicle.

Option #4: Full house system with solar array on roof. $20,000.00 and up

Please note: all prices are minus shipping and handling and state and federal taxes.


Woodland Energy® would like to thank these chapters of the American Red Cross. They gratefully received the donation of a Hubert© solar electric generator. Thank you for preparing to be in the right place at the right time.

The American Red Cross of Cambridge, Massachusetts
The American Red Cross of Baltimore, Maryland
The American Red Cross of Atlanta, Georgia
The American Red Cross of Washington DC
The American Red Cross of Springfield, Massachusetts

Woodland Energy® would like to announce the arrival of Hubert® at the Red Cross of Springfield Massachusetts!

Featured Photo

Let Hubert® open doors in your life.

"Able to leap tall buildings at a single bound or even to fit through a 30 inch wide doorway. Woodland Energy® is opening the door to portable solar power anywhere anytime anyhow!"

Hubert® has places to go, things to do, and people to see!

Please check out photos of our solar powered generators below.


New Energy: Electrical Independence

And Now introducing H.C. (Hubert Current) the new Electricity first there was D.C. Direct Current and then A.C. Alternating Current and now H.C. Hubert Current. The union of the two. Get ready its coming!

In the year 2000 I graduated college and began working for the family business. One of my first jobs was working at the Johnson’s home installing a new roof. As soon as the roof was complete a solar power crew arrived to install a large set of photovoltaic panels. I was blown away. In the early 2000s I knew nothing about solar power, however over the next few years I would become much more aware of the free energy the sun could provide. Woodland Energy’s solar generator “HUBERT” was introduced to me and I was able to use it for some small projects around the Johnson’s home. After I got over the “this is cool” factor I stopped and realized what I had done that day. I had run a 10 amp circular saw all day using no gasoline, hearing no engine noise, leaving no smog forming emissions. I now own a HUBERT myself; it is used mostly to power woodworking tools in my small workshop and keep my cordless tools charged. You will find however that the true value of this generator cannot be appreciated until you find yourself without power. When we lose power at my home I do four things, 1. Run to the HUBERT. 2. Plug in my sump pump. 3. Plug in my TV. 4. Sit worry free. This generator is very useful to me and I believe it to be useful to nearly anyone. You could look for a long time and not find a cooler product or sweeter people than you find at Woodland Energy, for that I thank them.

Sincerely, Davin Laakso

Laakso Building Contractors.

Please note: We strongly recommend using phone/computer line surge protection in conjuction with our generators.